Ugandan partner expresses appreciation

Buy-a-Net recently received a vote of appreciation from our partner, Church of Uganda Bwindi Community Hospital. Below is a transcription of the official letter.


The Board of Govenors Bwindi Community Hospital sitting on the 26th of May 2012 under Min. 07/2012 received a report from the Hospital to the effect that

You have collaborated with Bwindi Community Hospital in an intensive malaria prevention programme through provision of insecticide=treated mosquito nets
Partnering and lobbying on behalf of with Bwindi Community Hospital which has led to the initiation of the Heal project, a collaboration of CIDA and BAN to help the communities served by the Hospital
We are assured of further collaboration to the benefit of BAN and Bwindi Community hospital for the improvement of health in Uganda.
These above activities have resulted in outstanding outputs for the Hospital which has, not only, benefited the local community in terms of provision of health care alternatives and improvement but, also, elevating the profile of the Hospital nationally and, internationally.

For all the above and, many more, which wer are sure will result from this partnership, the Board of Governors Bwindi Community Hospital would like to recognize and, deeply appreciate. Thank you very much for this selfless devotion to bring to reality the Hospital vision. A healthy and productive community free from preventable disease and with excellent health services accessible to all.

Rt. Rev. Dan Zoreka

Chairman Board of Governors Bwindi Community Hospital